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You dont need to take off your pants when you are shitting through the space-time continuum.

You dont need to take off your pants when you are shitting through the space-time continuum.

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Azir: the Emperor of the Sands

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I finished my mini pixels of all the gen 3 pokes! easily the oddest gen with the most varied designs, I love em u_u

just like gen 1 and gen 2, you can get prints of them at my bigcartel store if that’s a thing you’d want to do! (individually or in a combo pack of all three!also I don’t usually ask this but please don’t remove this caption!

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red-ysetgo’s Birthday Giveaway!

It’s my birthday on Friday, and instead of recieving presents, I’ll be giving them out! 


  • One reblog per person, one entry per person. Likes do not count. 
  • You do not have to follow me, but I’d love you forever if you did.
  • Winners will be chosen randomly.
  • Fifteen winners will be chosen, because that’s the date of my birthday! 
  • Please clearly state which top three prizes you would like and what number they are on the list below. For example, if you want the Shiny Pokemon or the Lake Guardians or the team of level 70 Unova Pokemon, put “I’d like prize 1, 5 or 10” in your reblog.  
  • Winners must have their ask box open, a 3DS and Pokemon X or Y.
  • Winners must be okay with giving me their Friend Code.
  • You have 24 hours to respond to my message, entailing what you won. If you do not, someone else will be chosen. 
  • Do not enter just to immediately Wonder Trade your Pokemon. I want people to actually enjoy rare and hard to get Pokemon.
  • Ends on the 17th of August. (the only day I’ll have time to give things out)

The prizes are as follows.

  1. A Shiny Octillery, Basculin and Poliwrath. 
  2. Lugia and Ho-oh.
  3. Dialga, Palkia and Giratina.
  4. Entei, Raikou and Suicune.
  5. Azelf, Uxie and Mesprit.
  6. Cobalion, Virizion and Terrakion. 
  7. Articuno and Zapdos. 
  8. Regirock and Registeel.
  9. A full set of Eeveelutions, including Sylveon. 
  10. An entire team of level 70 Unova Pokemon. 
  11. A Rock type team. (Carrcosta, Gigalith, Golem, Rhyperior, Rampardos and Aerodactyl)
  12. A Steel type team. (Skarmory, Excadrill, Magnezone, Aegislash, Metagross and Aggron)
  13. A team of Talonflame, Pyroar, Nidoking, Nidoqueen, Gallade and Gardevoir.
  14. A team of Ampharos, Froslass, Musharna, Pangoro, Mienshao and Arcanine. 
  15. A Froakie with Protean. 

Happy Birthday! 3, 7, or 14!

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Believe in the me who believes in *nyoom*

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Legend of Zelda Illustrations - Created by Polaara

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Magnemite, Magneton and Magnezone

I couldn’t choose who to make so I converted some old vectors and added a new evolution! 

I need to do more conversions with evolutions


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Shadow of the Colossus - Created by Chris Koehler

Part of the upcoming 8-bit and Beyond Show at Bottleneck Gallery starting August 8th. You can find more of Chris’ work on TumblrFacebook, or his website.

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Torchic, requested by: livelovenintendo

Boy, this one was a little frustrating to do, but worth it!